Identify Things You Do Well

Part of finding a job that you really like and can find success in doing it is to identify the skills and abilities that you do well. You know what you do well because of your school experiences, previous work, sports, and hobbies. The things we know and do well are the easiest to transfer into a new job.

Let’s identify the things you do well. If you already have a resume, that’s great. Have it available as we move through the next few exercises. If not, don’t worry. We will work on that later in the audiobook. In the meantime, in your learner’s guide, fill in information about you, your education, and your work history. This will help you identify your skills and abilities.

Now let’s explore your skills and abilities. We will group skills in several areas.

Review the options in your guide, and circle your skill areas. We have left some blank space for you to add additional areas. Then describe your top five to ten skills in the space below. 

Look at your resume or the worksheet you completed at the beginning of this unit. What skills are listed there that you can add to your list?

It is fair to say that some skills you developed years ago may no longer be current. If you have not used certain skills within the past two years, consider crossing them off of your list. Be open to the fact that some skills, although we may not use them regularly, are easy to remember (like riding a bicycle), while others (like using certain software), change rapidly. Although we may remember what we did, we may no longer be as skilled as we once were.

Once you are satisfied with your list of skills, move on to the next unit.

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